Hi! My name is Eric Johnsen and I am going to be hosting a new blog called The Piscataquis Observer on the BDN Maine blog network! Some of you may remember me from The Green Photographer, which was around for about a year.  I was born in Seattle, Washington in 1969 but grew up in Appleton Maine. I currently live in Greenville with my wife of 7 years Holly. We recently have bought a house!
Eric Johnsen

Eric Johnsen

I was in the Air Force for almost 8 years and have been fortunate enough to have traveled to 45 states, and Canada (of course who hasn’t) Germany, Spain, Bosnia, Croatia, and a handful of the Caribbean Islands. In addition, I have lived in 5 northern states, all my favorite states: Washington, Montana, New York, New Hampshire, and of course Maine, saving the best for last!
My blog will be “about” community events that are taking place in Piscataquis County with a focus on the major outdoor events, such as the Sled Dog Races on February 4th at Leisure Life in Greenville, which are ongoing throughout the year. Although to be honest with you, during the winter months I will be lucky if I can get out every couple weeks. Keeping that in mind, I am a photographer and not a reporter, and so the emphasis will be on photojournalism and not local politics or local businesses…sorry. I will do my best to focus on Piscataquis County and not just the Moosehead Lake Region.
No investigative journalism here but you can expect to see things from a fresh perspective as I point my Canon QL17 G3 rangefinder on a variety of different subjects and not just landscapes. I am not interested in the “decisive moment” but rather as a photo-realist, I am interested in putting the photo back in photography with real moments using real people, photos that are not staged or posed and taken in natural light.
As a result of growing up in the beautiful state of Maine I am very passionate about the people and places of Maine and it is my hope to create energy and enthusiasm for this area and to inspire my readers to get excited about the future of Piscataquis County. I hope that as a reader you will contribute to this endeavor by sending me leads for blogs. In this way we can all get involved in fostering an appreciation of what is “the greatest county.” We all know that the one constant in life is change so let’s make it responsible change by getting more involved in our local communities and keeping our environment clean for future generations. Thank you very much!
Eric Leif Johnsen
Photo Realist