Spring to arrive in Greenville Junction on March 20th by train!

Anxiously awaiting the first day of Spring…but what about ice out? When will that be? Any guesses?

I have a confession to make; I had to use my digital camera for this weeks blog. The turn around time for film developing is just too long and with my blog fading into obscurity I had to act and soon. I’m supposed to be doing this thing every week you know. So, I didn’t have much choice. We all know by now that I prefer to use my film camera. I will still be using my film camera for the major events in Greenville such as the fly-in. Enough about that. Digital photography and film photography both have their place in the world.I didn’t say they were equal…

As you can see this is Greenville Junction, where I live. Not a whole lot going on today but that is the whole point of living here. The sky was a beautiful baby blue and the clarity of the air was exceptionally good, with the visibility unlimited. The naked eye can discern more contrast and more color than a camera but I wasn’t disappointed with the color rendition very closely approximating what I saw. All in all a good day and with spring coming up from down south things are looking up!

You don’t always have to get in your car and drive somewhere. Grab your camera and go for a walk and you will be surprised what you can find in your own neighborhood! Be creative!

Looking across West Cove towards Birch Street.

It could be something simple like patterns in the snow.

Where are they now I wonder?

Behind the Moosehead Historical Society. This is the train that will be carrying spring up from down south this year.

See you at Maple Syrup Sunday. Until then remember: “If you can’t make it good, make it BIG. If you can’t make it big, make it RED!” Paul Rand?


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